Ing. Jan Zahula

Climbing is not a hobby, it’s a way of life. When I first got to know about the possibility to become a mountain guide, I told myself it’s not for me. Couple years ago I realized, that I’d love to spend more time in the mountains. Nowadays I am finishing the mountain guide’s education and my plan for the future is to combine my passion for photography with the experience I’ve gained while climbing in the mountains. My vision is simple. I would love to provide my clients an extraordinary mountaineering experience which would remain not only in their memories, but also on high quality photos. If it sounds interesting to you, let me know and we’ll arrange a trip.


    Personal climbing highlights

  • 2009 first Chamonix. Mont Blanc normal route

  • 2010 Caucasus, Elbrus 5642m, Lofoten, Presten - Vestpillaren

  • 2011 Monch - Nollen, Grossglockener - Pallavicini

  • 2012 Ortler - The north face, Cima Grande - Comici Dimai

  • 2013 Bad Gastein - Supervisor, Mont Blanc du Tacul - Supercouloir

  • 2014 Matterhorn - The north face, Schmidt route

  • 2015 Eiger - The north face, Heckmair route, Grossglockner - Aschenbrenner

  • 2016 Lobuche east 6119m, Grande Rocheuse - Late to Say I'm sorry, MtB du Tacul, Pinochio

  • 2017 Petit Dru - north face, Allain-Leininger, El Capitan - The Nose

  • 2018 Les Droites, Czech gully, Grandes Jorasses - Walker spur

  • 2020 Patagonie Poincenot - Whillians Cochrane

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